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scared...please help

Posted By Anonymous on May 17, 2012 at 9:08AM

im a 23 year old girl from a sikh family where all girls in the house are traditionally married of through arrange marriage..i have been told to go and see a boy tomorrow as my fathers friend has insisted we go..i begged and pleaded to my mom that i do not want to go as i dont believe in arrange marriages and i dont want my life as my sisters...but she didnt want to hear me and refused me to tell the boy no as thr familys "image" will get spoilt...im scared i dont want to get married to some unknown man,,,i agree we are just going to see the boy but i dont want them to say yes...im still studying i dont want this...and my sisters are too far to even help me...im so scared...and i have no one to listen to me,,,i have no hope..i dont want this,,,please help