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The hidden love child...

Posted By Anonymous on Jan 23, 2013 at 10:33PM

Here goes......My husband cheated with a Hispanic chic and the result of that is a child.  I had an suspension of him cheating and when I asked him he denied it and had a lame excuse.  He hide this child from me for a year.  Eveyone else knew about this child except for me.  I know the child is innocent but I'm having such a difficult time knowing that the man I love so much had an affair with a hispanic chic, disrespected me, lied to the church counselor and fathered a child with this woman.  My mind is telling me one thing to do and my heart is telling me another.  I love my husband but at the same time it's very hard for me to digest this situation and still be the wife he wants me to be as before.  Anyone out there have a any suggestions, advice, similar stories?  I welcome all comments..