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On a break but he still wants to help me

Posted By Anonymous on Jan 19, 2013 at 11:49AM

My boyfriend of a few months and me are on a break. He initiated the break and it has made me sad but I'm willing to work on our relationship. My car has had issues since he has known me. All of the places I have gone, I have been told there is nothing wrong but something is clearly wrong with the car as the sunroof seems possessed, a lot of the buttons don't seem to work and my symbols keep popping up.

Before we took a break, my boyfriend offered to take it to his mechanic who is a good friend of the family. Now that we are on a break, he still wants to help me out with that. Problem is...I see him around town and he waves but we don't really have much interaction. It seems like he can't get ahold of his mechanic friend which makes me feel like he really doesn't want to help me. I was thinking of calling him in a few days to let him know that although I appreciate the thought, that he doesn't have to go through the notions.

Good idea?