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My boyfriend doesn't like my big boobs

Posted By Anonymous on Jun 8, 2011 at 7:45AM

I have the greatest boyfriend. He makes me laugh, is very supportive and is an amazing person. But there's just one problem, he's doesn't like my boobs.

He told me he's not really a boob  guy to begin with, but that he prefers smaller, more sporty, perkier boobs. I have natural DD boobs and they aren't the perkiest things in the world. I've grown to like my boobs but I do have insecurities about them, and he telling me he doesn't like them makes things worse.

He said that when I wear a bra they look good...but when I take it off, that's another story. He rarely touches them and often my shirt doesn't even come off durning sex. He said that there are probably things about him that I don't like too, but that's not true. I embrace every inch of him and find him incredibly sexy...I just wish he felt the same about my chest.

The thing that kills is that I can't change my breasts, not that i'd want to, but it's not like dying my hair or losing weight, my boobs will always be big and sag a bit.

I'm not sure what to do. I feel very self conscious now. He said he loves me for me and gave me lots of other compliments and he told me that he does love my body. It's just hard because now I become very jealous of girls with smaller, perkier boobs.

Thanks for the advice.