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Interested in my ex's best friend. Yay or nay?

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 12, 2012 at 7:31PM

Background story. My ex and I dated for two years. We've been broken up for basically two years in March but we really only stopped seeing each other about a year ago. We don't keep in contact (even though I do occasionally receive angry/harassing/threatening emails from his baby mama, but that's another story). But basically my ex and I have nothing to do with one another and it's a dead story. 

During my relationship with my ex I did hang around his best friend occasionaly but I always felt that he didn't like me. We never really took the time to get to know one another and I honestly didn't pay him much attention. After my breakup, there were times when I still hung out with my ex. There was one night where all three of us went out to a bar. My ex was completely m.i.a. the entire night and so I hung out with his best friend. We spent the night chit chatting and getting to know one another and, all in all, had a great time. For the past year, we've been keeping in touch on and off and he did confess to me that he's always had a thing for me but could never express it out of respect to my ex. And I always did think he was attractive but I never paid much mind to it. Now that I'm single and I am WELL over the disaster of my past relationship, I wouldn't mind getting to know him on a more personal and intimate level. A part of me thinks it's okay but on a different level I think it's wrong. My past relationship ended so horribly and that is why I try to distance myself from anything that has to do with him. I think I'm just a little afraid of drama occurring because my ex gets wind of what's going on between me and his bf. I really do like this guy and I would like to see where it might lead, I'm just very hesitant. He lives about two hours south of me now and I've agreed to go spend a few days and the new year with him. What do you think guys? Take the chance? Or look elsewhere?