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How do I deal with my boyfriend's many girl friends?

Posted By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2010 at 12:40PM

I've been with my boyfriend for 7 and a half months now. We're both in our early 20's. I'm just a year older. I've always had really short, shitty relationships, but this guy is really caring and involved. He recently told me he loved me for the first time ever a few weeks ago. I'm really grateful to have him in my life and to finally be in a long-term serious relationship, but ever since I've known him he's always had a lot of girl friends. He's also really into social networking and Facebook, and usually comments on other girls photos or status updates. I hate Facebook enough as it is already, so to see on my newsfeed he's commented on another girl's photo or to see what other girl's write on his wall always pisses me off. Majority of it is innocent, but I think because ever since I've known him he's always talked to mostly girls, I've always been jealous. He's flirtatious by nature. I know it's not attractive to act jealous, but I think most of it is due to my past shitty relationships. I've always felt like I had to compete against girls, and the guys I was with would always end up leaving me for somebody else. And usually it started out with them talking to other girls or messaging them or commenting on their photos through social networking sites. I know my boyfriend really cares about me and he's always telling me I'm pretty and how much I really mean to him, but when I remember how my boyfriend's even gone as far as calling another girl pretty in one of her photos, or writing little hearts, I always feel like I'm being emotionally cheated on. Am I really just being melodramatic here? My boyfriend seems to think so. He thinks he is completely innocent, which is why I stopped bringing up how much it bothers me. But i can't help the way I feel and I would really like to know how anyone else feels about this. I know a few of the girls he's friends with because he's introduced me, but majority I still don't know, so I still feel really uneasy. I trust him, but I just wish he could stop with all the facebook nonsense. My boyfriend knows how to make me feel special and he'll leave me cute little comments on my facebook wall, but it's times like this when I have to ask myself, am I just another pretty face to him? Another reason why I hate him commenting on other girls stuff so much is because he also always jokes about other girls. He will usually state what's' on his mind, so he'll  make little comments about other girls being hot. Whether it's someone he sees on the TV, or walking down the street. But then he'll just say, "just kidding, I love you baby." His sexual innuendos have gotten to the point where they aren't funny anymore. He might as well be saying, "I would fuck any girl as long as she has a hot body with a paper bag over her head." I know a part of me is being insecure as well, so is it really something I just need to learn to deal with and get over on my own? Sometimes I really don't understand his sense of humor. It tends to offend me, and I feel disrespected. I'm not one of those girls who wants to get pushed around or taken for granted. When I'm in a relationship I want to be the only girl he has eyes for. He can think other girls are pretty, but for him to always vocalize it tends to push me on edge. I guess I appreciate his honesty because he's always been honest and upfront about everything, but when it comes to other girls I feel like maybe he should just be better off dating if he wants to constantly make references to other girls so much. I'm at this point in my life, where I am tired of immaturity and I deserve to be with someone who isn't going to say, "damn she's hot...cus she's blonde....haha jk baby."