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How to accept my new stepmom and stepsiblings??

Posted By Anonymous on Sep 28, 2009 at 9:28AM

My dad just got remarried over the weekend. It was very painful and difficult for me and my sisters because we have never had a good relationship with him. My parents were together for over 40 years when my dad left my mom. Now he has new adult stepkids that love him but they don't know what kind of dad he really was to us. It was so hard and painful to see my dad remarry and one of my sisters and my mom made it even more painful for me by making nasty comments about my dad. I feel like my dad has replaced our family and they are now more important to him than us. I know that the woman he married and her kids are not bad people, but it really hurts me and it is awkward to try to have a relationship with them when I never wanted stepsiblings to begin with. I feel so much pain, how do I move on? I have sought counseling but it is still extremely painful. I know that I will never have the kind of relationship with my dad that I wished for, but is tough to feel replaced. I am in so much pain and I hate feeling this way. I am an adult but it still hurts so much. I am engaged now but so scared to get married because I saw how hard the divorce was for my mom and don't want to go through a divorce ever. Does anyone else know what I am going through? I feel so alone because my sisters only talk about their feelings but don't try to listen to mine. It was hard to be fake and try to be happy for my dad and get to know his new wife's kids. I never asked for this and I don't want them in my life.