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Holiday Stress

Posted By Anonymous on Nov 28, 2012 at 4:30AM

Not overly complicated, but I've never really had this problem.
My friends and I are doing a gift exchange. buying a small gift for each person in our social circle. I've been back and forth to the mall all week and I had a hard time picking a gift for my friend's (we'll call him Jim) girlfriend (call her Jane) and finally settled on a movie she would like. We all like her but shes new to our little group.

anyway, I told Jim what I bought her in hopes that he'd say she would like it. Then tells me to hold on a second because he thought his brother was buying her the same thing and sends a text. I waited like 2-3 days and then Jim sends me a text telling me his brother got her the same movie... and didn't say it but I get the feeling he expects me to return what I got and pick out something else for Jane.

It's not really that big of a deal to make the return, i just dont think i should have to after waiting 3 days to hear back if his brother was even planning on getting it.. I forgot to reply to Jim's text yesterday and this morning i'm getting messages saying "Hey, did you get my text? about the movie? my brother got it for her"

Just needed to kinda vent it I guess. I'll probably end up making the return because he's bugging me about it. The holidays are supposed to be fun but he's kind of a christmas control freak (there have been other little things too, but for some reason this one bugs me more)