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No Contact and Approaching the Ex post Break-Up

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 13, 2012 at 7:07AM

So my boyfriend of close to five years and I have been long distance for 4 or 5 months and I am moving back to where he lives on Saturday. It has not been easy over the last few months and I have been unhappy which in turn makes him unhappy and blah blah. Anyway I called him to tell him about my plans and he texted we need to talk. So He called and and told him I was moving on Saturday and had my interview lined up and all that and he said " I met someone".. of course I lost my shit. he said nothing happened and he just had a conversation at the bar with her. I saw that he had frieneded her on facebook but I am not the jealous type until this. So anyway we are broken up (5 days now, no contact), I am still moving back but I have been feeling like he probably is feeling bad about this. I made my relationship status on FB invisible and it took him 2 days to do the same when I saw that it hurt a lot so I deactivated my FB account, but of course i couldn't sleep and I checked it late night and realized he had done the same so I deactivated again. It seems like he is paying attention to what i am doing and not too concerned on showing off that he is single. We have been best friends for a long time and we lived together but we are relatively young (im 24 hes 26) and I have taken a little longer than most to get my life figured out but my move away for school ( which I thought would be no big deal, silly) made me realize I want a life with him and with a career. So now that I have that all figured out he does this. Anyway I am going to see him and talk when I get there ( per his request). I am really hurt but I also and sure that he is my soul mate and like he has said as of late " he is confused". I want things to work out but I think ee is feeling pressure to get married (not from me, from society) and is freaking out. I want to give him time to figure it out and all that. He also said in the same conversation that he thinks we will be together in the end and he loves me and wants to help me however he can. Yes yes I know letting me down easy, but after 5 years I think its a little more than that. He wanted to marry me 4 months ago so I am pretty sure there is something worth saving here.How do I approach this conversation? I want him to miss me for all the good stuff not this heavy emotional stuff, anyway help!