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Christmas gifts...am I wrong?

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 17, 2012 at 9:24AM

My boyfriend insists on buying me a Christmas gift. I don't want one, because I recently lost my job and can't afford to buy him one and him buying me one would make me feel worse and not better. We are in the same field, so there's that element of competition too. As well, since I lost my job he has been financially supporting me and I feel that is enough, a gift is totally unnecessary.  I told him I would rather him commit to doing something that would make me happy, i.e. remember dates in his calendar and helping me plan our social schedules instead of relying on me doing it all the time. 

Pride aside, at the crux of it, receiving a gift from him would NOT make me happy, yet he insists on giving me one because he wants to give me a gift. Isn't the point of Christmas to do or give something that you know will make the other person happy? He wants to buy me a gift to make himself happy for having given me something. So really it's more for him than for me. I realize you could say the same about me--just accept the gift because you know it'll make him happy. But I don't think the magnitude of his happiness at giving me a gift would be more than the magnitude of how unhappy/uncomfortable it would make me. Am I wrong?