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All My Friends Are Being Pissy--How To Deal?

Posted By Anonymous on Dec 10, 2012 at 6:38PM

I have a lot of really nice pals, but only a select few who I enjoy talking to every week if not every day.

But it seems as though, one by one, each of those good friends have been entering life scenarios that have them down in the dumps.

My one friend lost their job because of an anger problem they have. This was a month ago and he's still being extremely curt and unfriendly towards me and all his other friends. It all cumulated into a drunken night where he completely went off on me and we have yet to talk since (abt 1 week ago). I should say that during this druken night, he physically assuated a girl friend of mine and it made me feel unsafe driving with him back home. So I called a cab for us instead of having to endure his anger. But as we were waiting for the cab he just hurled insults at us out the window of his car....

I have another friend who had to withdraw from Univ last year because of money issues, and despite his best efforts, cannot hold on to a job and lazes around at home all day.  He's taken to selling drugs as his main source of income, which has hardened him. He was once really jovial and open to talk about anything, but now I find he is, like the last one, curt and mean. Unintentionally (I hope). I'll ask him how his day was and he either wont reply or tell me to leave him alone 0___0

Then I have another friend who at the tender age of 22 is working through an alcohol addiction and trying to get his life back on track. He has a dope job, but he keeps slipping back into drinking and as he does so, sends me really inappropriate and uncomfortable texts. Things along the line of "You're so beautiful. I could never get a girl like you, yada yada" and this happens more often than not. Sometimes if we are out and he's been drinking, he'll inappropriately grab me.  it's all making our platonic frienship feel icky. So he's just taken to not talking to me anymore because he doesn't want to feel "rejected" -___-

With the exception of the first guy in the first scenario (whose actions were kind of unforgivable, but I digress), I really im interested in maintaining frienships with these people (who happen to be all guys--which is strange--for the first time in my life my guy friends are the source of drama. Weird), but I'm not sure how since they're all going through struggles. I've tried to appeal to them with empathy, but I get blocked out or glossed over, as if none of them want to talk about their problems and would rather pretend they don't exist....

I have a low tolerance for negative energy in my life, especially from so called friends, so I'm really at a crossroads here. Keep trying and inevitably put up with their shenangigans and meanness towards me, or give up all together? I'm trying to stick with them through thick and thin but their collective callousness towards me is making it hard.

it's especially bugging me now because I'm at a part of my life where things are going AWESOME. I'm about to graduate. My music is going well. I have opportunities to travel. It's just a very stark contrast...